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Cost of living

Cost of living

Where ever you migrate to the first concern would be cost of living and it shouldn’t be the only factor which stops you to migrate to Australia. Students who want to pursue their education and people who want to work in Australia should know the cost of living of the country in order to manage the finances. However, the cost of living is high in Australia but lower than the US and the UK.

Where students can get the scholarships to pay their tuition fees and students are allowed to work part time upto 80 hours in a month. These students get the permission to work as soon as Australian government issues visas. The students who work as part timers will be covered by the Australian work place law and practice and students must obtain the Taxfile number, if they want to work as part timers.

It also depends in which city that you want to live in and on what you want to spend, though the cost of living in rural areas will be low compared to urban areas. The price also varies if you are sharing the room or living in single room when compared to the apartments or 3 bedroom flats.

Though the cost of living in Australia is higher than other countries but the salaries in Australia is also higher. If you are smart enough to manage your expenses then it would be easy to survive in Australia.

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Australia is the third most popular destination for the international students in the world.