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Migrating to Australia

Migrating to Australia

In order to migrate and settle in Australia there are few requirements where one needs to fulfill. Where many students after their graduation apply for permanent residence through EOI(Expression of Interest). This EOI contains information about skills and attributes of a person where these will be assigned in a point format by the government officials.

There are different types of migration programs. However, we will need to focus on skilled migration in order to get the visa quickly and the migration eligibility requirements are given below:

  • Invitation to Apply: This must be submitted through EOI.
  • Age requirements: Must be less than 50 years.
  • Nominated Occupation of a person: Need to posses required skills according to your qualification.
  • Health of an individual: One must undergo a health checkup.
  • Character of a person: You need sign on the statement which is given by the authorities, and have to submit police certificates to prove your character.
  • English skills: Need to prove your skills in English by taking various tests.
All these requirements will be assigned with points and at the end these points will be accumulated and given to you, if you have received the minimum cutoff points then you will be eligible for a visa.

However, it’s a time taking and difficult process for an individual to go through all these requirements. Our experienced staff will take care of these and help you to migrate to Australia.

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Australia is the third most popular destination for the international students in the world.