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People & Culture

People & Culture

People from Australia come from different backgrounds. It is a multi cultural society, where people with different languages and different cultures live together. However, there is no state recognized official religion or language of this country which proves religion and language are kept aside from politics.

The word Australia is derived from Latin word Australis means an unknown southern land, which was given by the then British governor. English is the primary language in this Christian majority country. People are down to earth, humble, and modest. They feel that every human being is equal, there is no superiority complex in their minds. They’ll get along with everyone with a positive attitude.

People are very direct when they communicate, Table manners matter a lot, people are not very formal so greetings are very casual, and they prefer calling with first name.

Australia is vibrant and colorful country, people with different cultures will easily get along with anyone.

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Australia is the third most popular destination for the international students in the world.